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The company

The main focus of the company Emotek Ltd., Nove Mesto nad Vahom since its establishement is Electro Discharge Machining (mostly wire cutting and die sinking) The company carries out development, production, upgrading and servicing of spark erosion machines (EIR, EIR EMO, EID, EIH), but also the development and production of facilities dedicated to the customer's specification, mainly downstream from the spark erosion technology.

The company also developes its own CAD/CAM software product, EmoCAM, for the Fanuc Robocut Alpha machines (and developing others - Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Charmilles) as well for the company's own machines.


Emotek Ltd., Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia was founded in 1994. In the early years the company mostly dealt with reconstruction of EDM wire cutting and die sinking machines of domestic production. Initially, the machine control systems were upgraded. This greatly increased the reliability and the technical level of the machines.

Later also the power electronics and positioning system were upgraded, which enabled a significant increase in the machine productivity and precision. Alongside, also the software control systems for the EDM wire cutting and die sinking were developed by the company, as well as the CAD/CAM system EmoCAM. The gradual development and inovations on individual nodes (components) of EDM machining finally led production of the company's own EDM wire cutting machines (EIR EMO) mostly sold in the domestic market, but also on the other markets of the Visegrad group (Czech republic, Hungary)

During its existence the company has also dealt with the development of the dedicated machine tools based on the electro-discharge and other technologies (the spark erosion grinder machine, the triax mill for cutting materials, the electrochemical grinder machine).

Last update: 26. 08. 2009